Dental implants

Dental Implants

A cosmetic dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is submerged into the jawbone in the form of a small titanium screw. The screw acts as the foundation or prosthetic tooth root for a new artificial tooth. 

Additionally, cosmetic dental implants are one of the best methods for replacing lost or missing teeth. Cosmetic dental implants look incredibly realistic so that your smile looks authentic. MC Dental uses only high-quality dental implant restorative components (crown on top of the implant) from leading brands such as MoreDent (Australia), Straumann (Switzerland), and Dentsply Sirona (USA/ Germany). Rest assured MC Dental will assist in choosing the right implant and restorative treatments for you. 


Book a free dental implant consultation

If you are interested in a more personalised discussion of dental implant services, we urge you to take up our offer of a free dental implant consultation with an MC Dental dentist. Phone the clinic on 8608 8968 and ask for a free consultation or book online. During the free consultation, the dentist can discuss dental implant surgery costs, treatment options and expectations. 

Different types of dental implants at MC Dental Melbourne


The implant functions as the new "root" for your tooth.


The abutment connects to the crown. The abutment is then screwed or cemented into the implant.


The crown functions as your new tooth. A patient having multiple teeth replaced in an implant procedure might have a bridge or overdenture.

Dental Implant brands

Dentsply Sirona – committed to patient outcome

The Dentsply and Sirona companies trace their beginnings in dental manufacturing back over a century. Following a 2016 merger, Dentsply Sirona is now the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies. MC Dental trusts Dentsply Sirona for their global presence, a reputation for innovative excellence, and an immense team of 15,000 employees.

MoreDent-local and innovative digital technology  

MoreDent is a Melbourne based company that has over 15 years of experience in dental products and digital solutions. In 2014, MoreDent opened a three-level Education and Digital Dentistry Campus on St.Kilda road to give dentists and specialists the best planning and restorative solutions. At MC Dental, we use MoreDent’s digital technology on-site to provide the patient with quick results. 

Dental implants with Dr Andrew Cho

Dr Andrew Cho answers your FAQ below. Dr Andrew Cho is located at our Melbourne Central and Docklands clinics. 

On the day of dental implant placement, the procedure takes around 30 minutes. Every patient is different. Therefore, a rough time frame will be determined.  

A dental implant should not be painful at all during placement. After the dental implant is placed, there might be one or two days of slight discomfort, which can be handled with over the counter pain relief medication such as Panadol or Nurofen.

MC Dental does not recommend rushing this procedure in one day. It would be best to book a free dental implant consultation with one of our dentists. During a consultation, the dentist will examine your problem tooth and give you a dental implant treatment plan.

To ensure that your dental implant works, MC Dental recommends that after the dental implant is placed into position, we give it time to integrate into your bone and heal sufficiently before proceeding with the crown.

At MC Dental, we do not offer general anaesthesia for dental implants. However, if that is something that you want, we can refer you to a dental implant specialist that can accommodate you.

After the initial surgery, when your dental implant is placed, it is advised to chew soft foods for the next 3-5 days for the surgical site to heal. 

Since a dental implant is replacing a missing tooth, you do not have any feeling in the dental implant itself.

We generally recommend waiting at least two months after a tooth extraction before commencing any treatment for your dental implant. First, a 3D X-ray must be taken to see if there are enough available bone and space to place your dental implant.

Neither, you shouldn’t feel any pain during either procedure. After dental implant surgery or tooth extraction, you may need pain relief, such as medications or antibiotics. If your problem exasperates and you notice swelling in the days after surgery contact MC Dental. After each stage of surgery, eating soft foods is recommended to reduce discomfort.

Yes. A dental implant looks and operates like a natural tooth. MC Dental can design the dental implant to blend in with surrounding teeth. The dental crowns that are attached to your dental implant are made of dental porcelain which is highly aesthetic and looks just like any other tooth in your mouth.

A quality tooth implant crown is virtually impossible to pick from the surrounding natural teeth. Colour-matching is part of the process.  You’ve likely met people with a tooth implant and never guessed!

If your dental implant is in a visible area, such as at the front of your mouth, then we can provide a dental implant temporary tooth either with a denture or a bonded bridge until your time for fabrication of your crown. 

General Dental Implants FAQ

MC Dental has three clinics in Melbourne that can assist you with dental implant repairs, dental implant problems and dental implant treatments: 

  • Westfield Doncaster
  • Melbourne Central
  • Docklands 

Yes. At MC Dental we accept many types of dental emergencies. In the case of a pre-existing implant, please call us and elaborate on your dental emergency. Our friendly reception will do their best to book you in for an emergency visit. 

The cost of a dental implant starts from $2,000 each, which includes placement of implant fixture. This does not include restoration (crown or post/crown) on top. Dental implant prices will vary according to the need for bone grafting and provisionalisation (this will be clearly explained in your consultation with your dentist). The cost of a crown is from $1,500 each, which includes preparation, moulding, milling (crown manufacture) and placement. Some cases require additional services which are charged in addition and will be outlined by the dentist prior to the service being administered. 

The exact cost will depend on precisely what you require, such as how many teeth you’re looking to have replaced, and whether you’ll need a bone graft or sinus lift.

Generally, this is the breakdown of services for a typical tooth implant procedure.

  • Examination and Xrays
  • Removal of an existing tooth if applicable
  • Temporary crown
  • Temporary abutment
  • (Permanent) Implant abutment
  • Full crown to the implant

The above services are a guide only. Your exact situation should be discussed with your dentist.

Click here for more details on each service. Teeth implant procedure explained


In a nutshell, dental implants are more expensive than dentures because there’s more work involved and the implant components are of a manufacturing standard that further adds to the cost. 

So why choose a tooth implant instead of a denture or bridge? An implant is a more permanent solution with the implant directly inserted into the jaw bone.  It isn’t generally detached like a denture or bridge is at night-time and the functionality is more akin to that of a real tooth.  A denture by comparison is adhered to the gum surface and doesn’t connect with the jaw.

Implants require a minor surgical procedure whereas dentures typically do not.

MC Dental accepts all major credit cards and Eftpos.

Additionally, MC Dental offers payment plans through Zip Money. Click here for more information- Tooth implants with Zip Money .

At MC Dental, we are a major health fund provider for the following locations:

Melbourne Central- Bupa, Medibank, CBHS, HCF, NIB

Docklands- Medibank, CBHS, HCF

Westfield Doncaster-CBHS, HCF


MC Dental endorses high-quality implants from countries such as Australia, Germany, Switzerland, and the USA.  

The manufacturers provide warranties to dentists against product defect. It’s important to our dentists that the company manufacturing and supplying us with the product has clinical evidence of its effectiveness and stands firmly behind their product.  We do not believe in compromising quality for the price.  We believe that the dental implants from our chosen manufacturers are our best option for optimal patient results.

If you would like to book a dental appointment with Dr Andrew Cho or an MC Dental dentist, please contact reception on 8608-8968 or please book online below. Also, MC Dental is offering a FREE dental implant consultation to all patients.