Win an SDI Pola Light Teeth Whitening Kit

Spring Racing Carnival Draw Poster MC Dental 2021 (800 x 800 px)

Calling all patients who want pearly white teeth!

With the spring racing carnival back on, we thought it would be awesome to celebrate the season with a fantastic offer for our patients across all MC Dental clinics. 

Win an SDI Teeth Whitening Pola Light kit

Simply visit an MC Dental clinic- Docklands, Melbourne Central and Westfield Doncaster, between 30/11-11/11 to automatically go into the draw to WIN an SDI Pola Light Teeth whitening take-home kit RRP $189.00 each. The total prize pool is $567.00. We have three kits up for grabs- one kit per clinic. 

What is in the SDI Pola Light Teeth Whitening Kit?

  • 1 x SDI Pola LED mouthpiece
  • 3 x 3g SDI Pola Day tooth whitening syringes (6% Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • 1 x 5.5mL Pola Luminate
  • 1 x USB charging cord
  • 1 x instruction guide

Why choose SDI teeth whitening products?

  • Australian made
  • SDI is a leading brand in teeth whitening 
  • Dental professionals around the world trust SDI teeth whitening.
  • SDI products are safe with minimal reaction

If required, MC Dental will provide a complimentary whitening consultation to ensure the winner is suited for whitening treatment. 

The draw is open to all patients 18+ years who visit MC Dental during the promo period. However, MC Dental does not recommend teeth whitening for patients who are pregnant and or breastfeeding. 

The winners will be announced on Friday, 12/11/21. Good luck, everyone! To book your dentist appointment online, click on the button below or call us 8608-8968. We are here for you seven days a week.